battery charger says fully charged but car won t start

I’ve seen this happen a dozen times, and although I always get the same (and often repeated) advice, it’s usually to let the battery charge and check your electric bill to make sure it’s as low as you can go.

Well guess what, you are not in Kansas anymore. The Kansas City area Code of Ordinance says that you can charge a cell phone if you are not using it. But you must always use it, and that is why we here at The Power of Geek have made it illegal to charge a phone in the state of Kansas.

It might be because we were in Kansas, but it seems that the law on cell phones in Kansas is different than elsewhere. From what I understand, it’s up to you to use or not use, and we have to do it at our own risk. I’ve always found it a fun challenge to figure out which state law is different.

I can understand the desire to avoid these charges. But the law is meant to protect the consumers. If you are in Kansas, and you charge your phone, you are breaking the law. This is not to say that you should never use your phone, as Ive always found it to be fun to watch people play with theirs. But you do have to be aware of the laws, and if you don’t, then you are breaking the law.

One of the most frustrating things about law is that it tends to change from state to state. I think that’s one of the reasons why we like to be able to purchase products on a state-by-state basis. You can’t just say, “this is what we do.” And then have a product that is on every state.

I like to think it’s because we Americans are so self-aware that we can change the laws to make things better for everyone, but that’s not really right either. The laws of the United States are basically the same from state to state, so if your car cant start, you are probably using the wrong battery. This is also why we have to buy our cell phones from a certain state that allows us to do so. Cell phones are essentially the same way.

A few years ago I had to buy an iPhone because the state of California (where I live) only allows an iPhone to be charged through a wireless charger. This means if I buy an iPhone in another state that doesn’t allow it, I can’t use the phone and have it charged. I could have just bought a prepaid cellular plan, but it’s not actually worth it since I’m not going to actually use the phone for a whole year. It’s also silly.

A few years ago, my iPhone’s battery had enough juice for a day on the road. I never actually saw it get that high though, it was more like a half day. A few years later, my iPhone had more than enough juice to drive a half hour. I dont think it was my phone that was just overcharged its the charger.

the charger is really the only way to be sure. The phone itself is only about half charged. The charger is just as important. Ive had a few overcharged chargers and have never seen them get to full charge. If your phone has a rechargeable battery, it is only half charged. A fully charged phone battery is a powerful phone to be sure, but a charger is only half of that.

If you’ve ever had a phone that gets close to 100% charge, you have a powerful charger that is only half full and no longer able to provide power. The “half full” is a significant amount of charge, but it’s still a fraction of what the phone is actually capable of. In my experience, chargers need to be charged at least 2x frequently to get them to full charge, so this can sometimes be a real problem.

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