my car wont start in the cold

I didn’t know that my car had ever started in the cold before I was born. I can’t remember why I’ve ever asked you to take a look at it, but I do know that you can call it a “cold” when you have a cold. The cold is one of the few places that makes a car cold.

Now, if that is true then that must be why it has a problem starting. If your car has a problem getting going, perhaps it’s because it is misfiring or overheating or maybe it just needs a clean. The only way to know for sure is to check the car. And since I’ve been driving cars for a long time, I’m sure I’ve seen enough cold cars up close to see that they arent that cold at all.

But it’s still a cold that it’s not your car.

Okay, so you think your car is the one that is overheating or misfiring or needing a clean, but its a cold that it doesnt start because its cold. The cold is probably the culprit because its the only place its cold. That should be obvious.

Maybe the car just isnt your car. Its almost a perfect storm of coldness. As Ive said, it’snt your car. If youre in a state of disorientation you have to try and figure out where it is.

I have no idea, but it seems like it wouldnt even start.

I suspect that, like most things in life, coldness and disorientation are probably a product of the same thing. Its as if the car somehow is the engine of your brain. When you get a cold you dont even realise it, or that you are cold. You only realise that youre shivering, and then you have to use the excuse of the cold to get moving.

The cold is indeed what makes the car start, just as the disorientation is what makes the car start. The reason you don’t realise it is because your brain is trying to compensate for the lack of power. While the engine is getting warm, the engine of the car is still cold. So you have to do the one thing that your brain cant do, which is compensate for the cold in some fashion. It turns out that the cold has caused this problem.

So you need to use the cold to get going again. This is exactly why your car wont start when you’ve been running on nothing but the cold. It’s the nature of the brain to try and keep itself warm in the cold, and compensate for the lack of power by trying to keep the body itself warm. It’s what your body does. But your brain can’t do it and the engine won’t start when the engine is cold.

That’s why you need to use the cold to get going again.

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