Reasons to Choose a 150CC 150cc scooter  

There’s no denying that the day-by-day trip is truly tiring, that’s why it is no surprise that a file launched with the aid of using the Royal Society of Public Health England determined that inactive commuting is terrible for our health. Whether you presently use a bike or car for your day-by-day trip, we have got rounded up the important thing blessings of switching to a 150cc scooter.

Save money

You can effortlessly keep cash by switching to a 150cc scooter for your day-by-day trip. Mopeds and 150cc scooters aren’t the best inexpensive as motors and motorcycles, however, they’re additionally much cheaper to run.


Unlike many used motors, which decreased vehicle expenses and frequently suggest better taxes, that can leap into the hundreds of pounds a year, mopeds are taxed relying on the dimensions of the engine. Both the 50cc and 125cc 150cc scooters are withinside the equal tax bracket – best round £19 for the complete year! 

Transportation Department

Mopeds and 150cc scooters additionally have the bottom fee MOT because of their engine size. The government website states that the most MOT fee for a 200cc 150cc scooter is £29.65. Compare this to large engine bikes and cars and you may pay up to £54.85 for a single MOT.


Many elements affect the fee of any automobile coverage policy, which include the kind of coverage, claims-loose years, vehicle storage and security, and your age and location. Overall, however, insuring a 150cc scooter is tons much less luxurious than an automobile or large motorcycle.

Higher for the environment

Thanks to their small, green engines, 150cc scooters are a greener alternative for buying you to work. A moped burns way much less fuel than a car that makes the equal journey. Not best are those small engines excellent for the environment, but the 150cc scooter’s maneuverability approach you may not get caught by visitors, emitting CO2 at a standstill.

Fuel efficient

Not best will you be capable of navigating visitors through the rear of the 150cc scooter, shortening your normal experience time and using much less fuel, however you will get appreciably better miles according to the gallon on wheels in comparison to four.

Smooth to handle

Since you may maximumly probable be commuting 5 days a week, one of the maximum essential matters to don’t forget is ensuring your experience is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. 150cc scooters are a number of the perfect motorcycles to move, and their lightweight frames suggest they are nimble and smooth to transport visitors, letting you get from A to B with ease. The 150cc scooter additionally has a smaller wheelbase than a bike, making it simpler to move at slower speeds.

Low power consumption

While the reduction in power may also not seem like an advantage to some, the smaller 50 and 125 cc engines inside the 150cc scooter make it easier to deal with – great for first time buyers. However, if you’re just starting out, a 50cc bike isn’t always the best, a 150cc scooter’s lack of energy can only get you around 30 mph, if you’re commuting around town.

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