Singham Again Cast: A Stellar Lineup

The much-awaited sequel to the hit franchise “Singham” is finally in the works, and fans cannot contain their excitement about the upcoming release of “Singham Again.” The cast of this highly anticipated film is nothing short of stellar, with some of the biggest names in Bollywood coming together to bring this action-packed movie to life. Let’s take a closer look at the cast of Singham Again and the talented individuals who will be bringing their characters to the big screen.

Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham

It goes without saying that Ajay Devgn is synonymous with the character of Bajirao Singham. His portrayal of the fearless and upright police officer in the original “Singham” movie was lauded by both critics and audiences alike. Devgn’s powerful screen presence and intense acting chops make him the perfect choice to reprise his role as Singham in the sequel.

Katrina Kaif as Priya

Joining the cast of “Singham Again” is the gorgeous and talented Katrina Kaif, who will be playing the role of Priya, a strong-willed journalist who crosses paths with Singham during his latest mission. Kaif’s charisma and acting prowess are sure to add an extra layer of depth to the film’s narrative, and fans are eager to see her chemistry with Ajay Devgn on screen.

Ranveer Singh as the Villain

In a surprising twist, the charismatic Ranveer Singh will be stepping into the shoes of the antagonist in “Singham Again.” Known for his dynamic performances and magnetic presence, Singh’s portrayal of the villain opposite Ajay Devgn’s Singham is expected to elevate the film to new heights of intensity and drama. The clash between these two powerhouse actors is one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the movie.

Supporting Cast Members

In addition to the main leads, “Singham Again” boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes seasoned actors like Neena Gupta, Pankaj Tripathi, and Jim Sarbh in pivotal roles. Each member of the supporting cast brings their own unique flair to the film, adding depth and complexity to the story and enhancing the overall cinematic experience for the audience.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the camera, “Singham Again” is being helmed by acclaimed director Rohit Shetty, known for his expertise in helming high-octane action films. Shetty’s collaboration with Ajay Devgn has yielded numerous blockbuster hits in the past, and fans have high expectations for their latest venture together. With a talented crew working tirelessly to bring the vision of “Singham Again” to fruition, the film is shaping up to be a must-watch for action movie aficionados.


In conclusion, the cast of “Singham Again” is a star-studded lineup of talented actors who are poised to deliver a thrilling and entertaining cinematic experience for audiences. With Ajay Devgn reprising his iconic role as Singham, supported by the likes of Katrina Kaif and Ranveer Singh, the film promises to be a powerhouse of action, drama, and excitement. As the anticipation builds for the release of “Singham Again,” fans can rest assured that they are in for a treat with this explosive sequel to the beloved franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When is the release date of “Singham Again”?
  2. The release date of “Singham Again” has not been officially announced yet, but fans can expect the film to hit theaters in the near future.

  3. Will “Singham Again” feature the popular catchphrases from the original film?

  4. Yes, fans can look forward to hearing iconic catchphrases like “Aata Majhi Satakli” in “Singham Again.”

  5. Is “Singham Again” a direct sequel to the original “Singham” movie?

  6. While “Singham Again” is a sequel to the first film, it will feature a new storyline and characters to keep the narrative fresh and exciting.

  7. What can audiences expect from the action sequences in “Singham Again”?

  8. “Singham Again” promises to deliver high-octane action sequences, car chases, and intense fight scenes that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

  9. Are there any special appearances or cameos in “Singham Again”?

  10. While there have been rumors of special appearances by other Bollywood stars, the details have been kept tightly under wraps to maintain the surprise element for the audience.

  11. How does the story of “Singham Again” differ from the original film?

  12. Without giving away any spoilers, “Singham Again” explores new challenges and conflicts faced by Bajirao Singham as he navigates the complex world of policing and justice.

  13. Is there a specific message or theme that “Singham Again” aims to convey?

  14. “Singham Again” continues the theme of integrity, courage, and standing up for what is right, while also delving into the personal journeys of the characters and their inner struggles.

  15. What sets “Singham Again” apart from other action films in Bollywood?

  16. The unique blend of powerful performances, gripping storyline, and Rohit Shetty’s signature style of action-packed sequences sets “Singham Again” apart as a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience.

  17. How has the chemistry between Ajay Devgn and Katrina Kaif been received by audiences so far?

  18. Fans have been buzzing with excitement about the on-screen chemistry between Ajay Devgn and Katrina Kaif, with many eagerly anticipating their interactions in “Singham Again.”

  19. Will there be a third installment in the “Singham” franchise after “Singham Again”?

    • While there have been no official announcements regarding a third installment, the success of “Singham Again” could pave the way for future sequels in the franchise.

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